The JonBenet Ramseymurder is finally solved after 20 years, promisesDr. Phil McGraw. The brother of the 6-year-old beauty queen Burke Ramsey broke his silence on "TheDr. Phil Show." McGraw found tapes of interrogation interviews with Burke who was 9 at the time and a suspect in the JonBenet murder. Ramsey, whom Dr. Phil calls the "missing link" has never publicly spoken about his sister's death. Dr. Phil says he knows now how JonBenet was killed and so will the rest of the world. Dr. Phil plans to watch those tapes with Ramsey and TV viewers so that everyone else can finally get the truth.

The 3-part show airs on "Dr. Phil" September 12, 13, and 19.

Did Burke Ramsey murder his sister?

That's the burning question Dr. Phil had for Ramsey who acted very strangely at the time of the little girl's death by strangulation. And if Ramsey wasn't, McGraw asked who was. Did JonBenet's parents John Ramsey or Patsy Ramsey murder their daughter? Was there an intruder? There was DNA evidence under the child's nails and in her underpants. But it wasn't from anyone in a database. Patsy Ramsey died and then both parents were cleared by investigators in 2008.

But there is a lot of conflicting evidence remaining. There were severely botched investigation practices. There was a ransom note that was determined to be an inside job probably written by Mrs. Ramsey. Many investigators have said theRamseys should not have been ruled out. Burke never really was eliminated and many believe that he is the killer.

"Missing link" brother's interview tapes

Dr. Phil was somehow able to locate missing interrogation tapes between Burke and investigators and psychologists.

Burke and Dr. Phil watch those together on the 3-part show. Those tapes were somehow suppressed as evidence or missing. And that'sjust another part of the many baffling dropped balls. McGraw says those tapes hold the secret to the story. Many wonder why Burke chose now to come forward and not many years ago. Why did he time it to coincide with the 20th anniversary of his sister's unsolved murder? Why was Ramsey kept so strictly out of the public eye by his parents?

If Ramsey isn't guilty, why is he smiling?

Probably the most haunting part of the interviews with the "missing link" Burke Ramsey is his constant grin and apparently glazed eyes. He also showed and continues to show a bizarre lack of curiosity and concern. At the time folks speculated that Burke was jealous or angry about all the attention lavished on his beauty queen sister. Others questioned pageant mom Patsy's parenting for putting her daughter so much in the limelight. This caused lots of folks to conclude he was guilty. Dr. Phil agrees that Ramsey shows disturbing and strange affect and says he's pretty sure why.

This series is destined to be one of the stranger things about 2016.

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