It's been almost six months since Joe Giudicestarted his 41-month prison stint and wife Teresa says, "He's trying his best and hanging in there. He's just trying to survive." Apparently, Teresa says that Joe isn't the only one struggling--it's been rough without her "better half" at home, as well.

Joe's prison sentence

The fact is they don't call prison hard time for nothing, and Joe is finding out just how "hard" that time really is. An inside source told E Online that Joe misses his family quite a bit and has lost about 40 pounds.

Teresa added that he is doing what she did when she served her sentence; he's reading books, staying out of trouble, and exercising. Teresa added that Joe has added Yoga to his exercise regime and cannot wait to come home to do a Yoga session with her.

"RHONJ" star added that she is thrilled that he is taking, this time, to get healthier because he had a few health problems that needed to be addressed. Teresa was worried about his high blood pressure and his stress levels before entering prison."For Joe to lose weight and exercise will be a good thing," Giudice added.

Life without Joe

Life without her husband is hard, Teresa reveals. She is finding that she gets stressed out very easily now that she doesn't have an extra set of hands to help with her kids. Gia, 15, Gabriella, 11, Milania, 10, Audriana, 7 have become quite a handful in the past few months.Giudice reveals that life is pretty hectic with her daughters; especially with her teenage daughter, Gia. Teresa added that she always said she did everything alone, but now she realizes just how much Joe really did to help her.

"I see the difference, now," Teresa said.

Teresa admitted that it had been a rough few years for them. Joe lost his dad, they have been through the ringer with the legal issues, and they both had a prisonsentence to serve. She admitted that the silver lining in all of it is that Joe bonded with their daughter when she was away."They miss him so much," Teresa said with tears in her eyes.

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