A rebel Duggar? That's what she says. Jinger Duggarand boyfriend Jeremy Vuolosnuggled on the most recent episode of the TLC Reality TV show "Counting On"! Well, the couple might rewrite their own courtship rules (her words), but dad Jim Bob Duggar still rules on rings. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar went with Jinger and Jeremy to Texas where Vuolo is a pastor. The couple actually cuddled in front of mom and dad (verboten by in Duggar rules of engagement). Dad kept mum on that but got even by putting the kibosh on ring shopping. Checkmate.

Jinger and Jeremy are doing courtship their way

Are you confused by all this?

For the uninitiated, here's how engagement works Duggarstyle. This family of 19 has a lot of kids. But they don't want their offspring mating before marriage. So couples go through a period of courtship with strict rules. They are loosely based on the Bible but pretty much mom and dad Duggar's design. In courtship couples can't kiss or do a full frontal embrace. They may "side hug" which was kind of what Jeremy and Jinger were doing but not. He had his arm draped over her which is a lot too close for dad's comfort. Neither Jim Bob nor Michelle confronted this outrage. But Jinger and her beau have their own rules for courtship and standards.

Jim Bob nips budding romance

So round one to Jinger, but dad still calls the shots on the procuring of wedding rings.

Jim Bob told them not to get any ideas as they ogled bands. He says they're not ready to "swap spit" yet (shudder). Duggar told the couple that they're pushing the gas while he applies the brakes. Jim Bob Duggarwhose only job is reality TV stareven had the brass to suggest that Pastor Jeremy couldn't provide for Jinger in the style she's accustomed and should get a real job.

The fact that they obeyed shows dad controls the engagement and courtship despite what daughter says. How, you may ask, do Mr. and Mrs. Duggar get away with telling their adult children how to manage their relationships? Jinger is 22 (age of majority) and Vuolo is 28. How well do these draconian rules work?

Not too well in the case of eldest child Josh Duggar who molested his sisters, cheated on his wife, and admitted to a porn addiction. He just got out of rehab for a sex addiction. Premarital sex was the least of the Duggar parents worries with Josh.

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