Talk show host andcomedian Jimmy Kimmel debuted fabulous weight loss which he's managed to keep off as per his Emmy blooper reel. Kimmel announced that the secret of his success was down to a weird rule-breaking diet and no exercise, believe it or not. Quite simply, the Jimmy Kimmel Live host follows the 5:2 Fast Diet, fasting twice a week and eating normally on the other five days. Despite doctors' hand-wringing, Kimmel proved his unorthodox methods really work.

How the "5:2 Fast Diet" works

Two days a week on Monday and Thursday, dieters eat no more than 500 calories.

It's not specified what those calories are, but it could be bread and water. A bread and water fast is a common religious practice done for spiritual purification or to focus on prayer. Catholics believe that an apparition of the Blessed Mother at Medjugorje in Bosnia-Herzegovina called the faithful to fast on Wednesday and Friday and pray in just this way. Some people who've obeyed this command have found that they lost weight when they weren't even trying to. Kimmel's version may include a vegetable or juice fast or some other kind of cleanse.

The rest of the week, he eats exactly as he did before he lost weight, no calorie counting, portion control, etc.

Kimmel lost weight without exercise

Most Celebrities, like America Ferrera, who've lost weight use a combo of diet and fitness. Khloe Kardashian claims to have done it just with workouts. That's what medical wisdom advises.But here's the secret--exercise isn't mandatory to weight loss if you're willing to make other lifestyle changes.

Doctors said that Kimmel was putting himself in danger eating only 500 calories twice a week but often medical fasts are required for different health conditions. The difference isn't clear. They also warned that not exercising was a bad habit. It may also set a bad example for others who want to lose weight. But that doesn't make it any less true. If you're going to omit one piece of the diet-exercise puzzle, make it exercise.

The ideal is both of course. And if you want to be fit, have a healthy heart and body, and tone up that loose skin after weight loss, you'll need to get out and move. Or you could just have a tummy tuck or fat-freezing coolsculptingas docs think Mariah Carey did.

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