Jimmy Kimmel's weight loss is makingthe headlines today and the way he dropped the weight is tagged as one "insane" way to thin down, but for Kimmel - it works. This intermittent fasting dietalso dubbed the 5:2 diet works because it involves starving oneself, just ask Kimmel!

'Good old-fashion starvation'

Kimmel gives credit to "good old fashion"starvation"during a recent interview with "The Hollywood Reporter." Kimmel, who said he never really paid too much attention to his weight, weighed in at 208 pounds when Dr. Oz appeared on his late-night show a few years back.

After a private consultation from the celebrity doctor, Kimmel realized he needed to drop some of the weight he'd been carrying around. That's when he hopped on the 5:2 diet craze that other celebrities swear by. While the "starvation" comment during his interview sounded like a comical quip, it wasn't. Once pressed by the interviewer Kimmel described how he eats normally for 5-days a week and for the other 2-days, he starves himself.

Kimmel just one of many celebs to use 5:2

While this sounds a bit extreme, Kimmel is not the onlycelebrityto credit this bizarre diet for dropping weight. According to "Today," celebrities like Hugh Jackman and Jennifer Lopez "tout its benefits." Is this a diet that can prove beneficial for you? When it comes to counting calories there are only 2- days a week that you need to do this.

The diet indicates you need to eat normally for 5- days a week and the other two you cannot consume more than 600 calories, preferably split into two - 300 calorie meals. Kimmel said he fasts for 2- days a week and although some folks may see this as unhealthy, it works really well for him.

Starvation not easy, but it works!

It is not an easy feat by far, and some call it more of a lifestyle change than a diet. But if you can fast for those two days, you too may see some positive results such as dropping unwanted weight!

Dr. Michael Mosley is the man who created the 5:2 diet, or intermittent eating diet, and he believes not only is fasting easier for dropping the weight, it is also healthier.

Mosley advocates ditching the low-fat, high-carb diet craze which was tagged as a healthy way to diet. He believes this type of diet is "partly to blame for the scourge of obesity and chronic illnesses." Those illnesses are cardiovascular related as well as type 2 diabetes.

While Mosley doesn't advocate not eating for those two days a week, he does suggest eating very little. His 5:2 diet calls for eating only one-quarter of a "normal day’s recommended kilojoules" for those two days per week.

It sounds as if some of the celebrities have tweaked this a bit and actually fast, rather than consume a minimal amount of calories for those two days.

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