Jim Bob Duggarrules his 19 children with an iron rod and it seems from season 2 episode 4 previews that dad may control his kids after marriage.Daughter Jinger Duggar and former soccer player now pastor Jeremy Vuolo are now engaged but that engagement will be as strictly parent-supervised on the Duggar end as was the courtship. But even after marriage, Jim Bob evidently can still call the shots as was revealed in his shocking demand.

Duggar has a say in where his married children live?

The clip shows Jinger preparing to go to Laredo, Texas to meet Vuolo's parents.

She hasn't met her future in-laws yet and only talked with them on Facetime. Jim Bob and MichelleDuggarare shown going to the airport with their daughter but in another clip dad is shown balking at the idea of Jinger actually moving to Laredo with her husband after marriage. He makes it clear at a family dinner that he wants his daughter to stay in Arkansas where the family lives. However Jinger's betrothed is a minister in Texas. He has an established career there. As Mrs. Jeremy Vuolo, Jinger Duggar would need to support her spouse in his vocation and it would seem that Jim Bob would rejoice at that.

Dad doesn't want Vuolo to put a ring on it?

Jim Bob also makes a comment as Jeremy looks at rings not to "get any ideas." Is that just a teaser in reference to something else or does Jim Bob really not want Jeremy and Jinger to get married? The Duggar children are forbidden to even hug during courtship and engagement. A prolonged uncommitted relationship would seem to foster the very "burning in lust" the Duggar parents are trying to prevent.

Repressed sexual desire did not go well for eldest son Josh Duggar. Duggar was found to have sexually molested his sisters, used pornography, cheated on his wife with a stripper, and maintained two cybersexadultery accounts onAshley Madison. His wife Anna says he's back home from sex rehab and all is forgiven and moving upward. But that infidelityforced TLC to cancel the Duggar family's popular "19 Kids and Counting" reality TV show.

And really, does that kind of sexual aberration ever go away?

Does loyalty to dad or husband come first for Jim Bob?

Jim Bob Duggar is a bit of a martinet about obedience, especially from his women. Michelle is strict too, but very submissive to her husband. Before marriage, all the children must pass a family-monitored courtship which the parents believe the Bible requires. But the Bible also calls women to follow their husbands and men to leave their families and cling to their wives. Even as a wife, will Jinger have to choose between obeying her dad and her husband?

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