Unemployed Jim Bob Duggarof TLC "Counting On" raised eyebrows when he told daughter Jinger's employed beau Pastor Jeremy Vuoloto get a real job . The fundamentalist Christian Duggar warned his soon-to-be son-in-law not to count on a preacher gig to fund Jinger's thrift store addiction. That a man who supports his family of 19 on a reality TVshow would tell anyone to get a job raised eyebrows. Vuolo may not need that second income if Duggar, who seems to control his kids even after marriage, gets his way.

Dad objects to Jinger Duggar moving to Texas to be with her husband.

Jim Bob buys prosperity gospel, eschews gospel poverty

Toes curled as Duggar suggested Vuolo get a second job before he and Jinger "swap spit." Jim Bob cast aspersions on a pastor's pathetically low wages which was embarrassing for Vuolo and oddly paradoxical. Because, rewind, what happened to those self-avowed vows of povertyJim Bob and Michelle Duggar preach? The whole reason they can afford "19 Kids and Counting" is because they supposedly live frugally as God commands.

Fans have seen less Bible frugality and more bougy big spending of late. These simple-living advocates own a Greyhound-size family bus, personal plane, and monstrously large home. Is it do as they preach not as they do? Perhaps they save money by not paying their ministers.

How doesDuggar afford so many kids?

A former politician and real estate agent, Jim Bob is currently a man of no means. His stint in politics was over in 2002.

He landlords a few rentals and has a realtor license. Besides the $40,000 per episode of "Counting On" no one works. Theorthodontist bill alone on those fabulous Duggar smiles would bankrupt most people. And regardless, should Duggar who has no particular occupation tell a working man to get yet another job? The terms "capitalist" and "Republican" and "exploiter of the proletariat" spring to mind.

Donald Trump and Mitt Romney would be so proud. But Duggar doesn't even want Jinger to go with Vuolo. He wants her to forsake her husband and cling to her family. Is Vuolo supposed to send money to Arkansas? All too many Celebrities are counting on a Reality TV show to fund their lifestyles. Maybe Duggar should get a job if he wants to keep adult kids under his thumb?

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