#Jennifer Aniston is trending on Twitter right behind #Brangelina, as if she has some connection to Angelina Jolie announcing she's filed for divorce from Brad Pitt. It didn't take long for Jennifer Aniston to start trending on Twitter as soon as the official news broke that the divorce was indeed filed. A dozen or so years have gone by since Jennifer was a woman scorned and her life has been a happy one, so why would she look for even a taste of revenge out of her ex getting dumped?


What goes around comes around?

Some folks are looking to Aniston to see if she feels a tad bit avenged now that Jolie is dumping him after he dumped Jennifer over a decade ago. While Aniston hasn't said a word about the divorce, chances are a relationship that went sour over 12-years ago is not on her mind today. But it is on the mind of many on social media sites as some are even dubbing today -- "Jennifer Aniston Day." It looks like fans of Aniston just can't stop offering up "petty Brangelina jokes, reports USA Today.


Is Jennifer gloating?

With what is known about Jennifer Aniston, most would assume that she wouldn't be gloating today. She might even feel sad for the family, especially Brad and Angelina's six kids. If folks are looking for Aniston to come out and gloat over her ex being dumped by the woman she was rumored to be dumped for, they will probably have a long wait. As this doesn't seem like Jennifer Aniston's style.

Folks on social media today are suggesting all types of ways for Jennifer Aniston to celebrate the #Brangelina Divorce.

Has anyone forgot that Aniston has the best thing going today? She's happily married to the very handsome Justin Theroux. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, then her smiles when she's around him say it all...

she's doing just fine!

Still, people cannot forget the heartbreak Pitt caused Aniston when he left and started up with Angelina Jolie after they met on the set of "Mr. and Mrs. Smith." Even if Aniston doesn't have a snickering bone in her body, her fans sure do, just take a look at Twitter and the other social media sites today!


Brad's bad behavior

So why did Angelina file those divorce papers? Her lawyer and rep state that she did it for "the health of the family" and to "protect the kids." Now the rumors that are spinning indicate that Pitt's partying and anger management had given Angelina some concern about what the kids are privy to around their father, according to Page Six.


They also report rumors that Angelina hired a private investigator to check up on Brad after she had concerns that he was cheating on her.


This PI allegedly found Brad had been cheating on his wife with his co-star in his new movie -- "Allies." His co-star's name is Marion Cotillard and while the rumors are saying one thing, Cotillard is adamantly denying having an affair with Pitt. The report also said that Brad has been partying off-set of his new movie with a crowd that involves "Russian hookers" and "hard drugs."

Basic bad behavior got him kicked to the curb!

According to Fox News live on Tuesday, TMZ  said the divorce is not about cheating, but about Brad being around the kids after he's been drinking and smoking too much pot. This combined with his anger issues is something she doesn't want her kids subjected to anymore.                                 

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