Jenelle Evans is currently enjoying life, and she’s looking forward to welcoming her baby girl into the world early next year. She and David Eason are both excited to become parents, and they are trying to settle down in North Carolina these days. However, it sounds like things may be getting a little complicated for Jenelle when she’s out in public. She supposedly had a bad experience at a restaurant recently, and she decided to call out the waitress on social media.

According to a new tweet, Jenelle Evans is now revealing that she wanted to enjoy dinner with David and the kids and things didn’t exactly turn out that way.

The waitress decided to roll her eyes at her when she made a comment about the meal that wasn’t delivered as ordered. As it turns out, Evans wouldn't have complained if the experience had been positive or if the waitress' attitude had been different.

Jenelle Evans details encounter with waitress

When Jenelle decided to share the event on social media, many of her fans came to the waitress’ defense, as it can be stressful to take orders and deliver the food to the right tables.

“I was a waitress and a bus girl before the show, so yes I would and do know that.

We were the only ones in there..,” Jenelle Evans revealed on Twitter, to which some people came to the waitress’ defense, writing, “so you were a waitress so you should know how easy it is to mess up an order or mix things up.”

But it sounds like plenty of things were wrong with the order. Jenelle Evans reveals that each plate was brought out at random times and not everyone got drinks.

“Each plate was brought out ten mins in between each other, adults got drinks, but she forgets the kids, my order,” Jenelle revealed in addition to the other tweets, adding that her own order was wrong, writing, “Was wrong, Davids order was wrong too.

When I asked her just about my food to fix it, she rolls her eyes? Wtf.”

What do you think of Jenelle Evans’s dining experience? Are you surprised that she called out the waitress on social media?

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