Janet Jackson was seen out in public on Tuesday afternoon while out shopping. For months now, some people doubted if she was really pregnant. They thought she was using a surrogate because she is 50-years-old. From the photos and video, one can see that Janet is indeed pregnant with a baby. The singer has not been seen in public much since she announced in April thatshe was canceling her tour so she and her 41-year-old husband Wissam Al Mana could start a family. Entertainment Tonight reported in May that the entertainer was expecting her first child.

Janet Jackson outshopping

Janet was photographed as she was entering and exiting a baby furniture store in London.

She was in the store about 45 minutes. When she left theBack In Action store, the expectant mother was carrying a small bag. The singer waswearing very loose dark gray sweatpants with an oversized black sweater. She wore an orange scarf around her neck, and a dark headband was wrapped around her head. She could be seen wearing comfortable sneakers. A person commented on social media that something fake could have been under those big clothes she was wearing.

The way she was walking looks like she was indeed pregnant. Besides, Janet's face is very full. There is no way it would be that plump if she wasn't pregnant. Another person said she is so big she might be having twins. Janet was not alonewhile she was out and about.

Her husband was not spotted with her, but she was accompanied by several people, which could have been abodyguard, an assistant, and two other people.

Janet's weight gain

Earlier this month, it was reported that the singer had gained overa hundred poundsand had been puton bed rest by her doctor. Judging from her size, Janet might be very close to her due date.

It is reported that she will give birth before the end of the year. Her sister, La Toya Jackson, spoke about Janet's condition and said her younger sister was doing great. Her brother, Tito Jackson, told Wendy Williams in June that it didn't matter with the parents whether they will have a boy or girl.

They just want a healthy baby.

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