Jana Duggar may not have entered into a courtship just yet, but it looks like she has entered into entrepreneurship instead. The Counting On star has apparently just bought a vacant building in Springdale, Arkansas. Starcasm has the official records posted that show the eldest Duggar daughter has indeed made the purchase. There is actually some humor tied into this story as not only is she turning into quite the businesswoman, but she just bought a former tattoo and body piercing shop. Tattoos and body piercings are definitely something that none of the Duggar Family members would ever think about.

The details of the Duggar sale

The sale of the building happened in April and Jana had supposedly paid $95,000 for it. The former tattoo parlor is a decent size for just the right type of a small business. The inside of the building shows a black and white checkered floor with pink, purple, blue, and green walls throughout. Needless to say, this place will need a lot of TLC from Jana Duggar. Of course, she will have plenty of help from her family as well.

The location looks like it is right next to some type of plaza.

There is also a little tidbit on the tax documents from the sale of the commercial property that has the 26-year-old reality star listed as ‘an unmarried person.’ Everyone knows that Jana is not married, so it shouldn’t be a big deal anyway. However, she could still be courting, even though that is unlikely right now since no one has heard of anyone new in her life.

What will Jana do with this property?

The question remains as to what she will be doing now that she is officially an entrepreneur. Even though her name is on the official documents, that doesn’t mean that she will go it alone. She may be partnering up with one of her brothers or sisters in this new business venture. There are a host of possibilities that she could be getting into. She has been interested in fashion, midwifery, and building things.

Jana Duggar is a smart girl and it looks like she may be looking toward her own future.

Has she scrapped the idea of getting married?

The 19 Kids and Counting family are all about finding their soul mate, getting married, and having lots of kids. While it looks like Jill, Jessa, and now Jinger Duggar have found their husbands and are having kids, Jana has not snagged her husband just yet. Does that mean that she would rather have a business than her own family? Not quite. She had mentioned on a previous episode of Counting On that she is picky about who will be her future husband and that she just hasn’t found the right person right now.

Most people have dubbed Jana Duggar as ‘Cinderella,’ but she is far from it. Yes, she cooks, cleans, and helps to take care of her younger siblings, but it sounds like there is much more to this girl than just that. She is learning all about what it takes to run a business outside of Reality TV and her perfect man may just be quite lucky to grab her up.

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