American writer James Patterson, known for his work including the "Alex Cross" series and "Witch & Wizard," has announced that he will be cancelling an upcoming Book due to controversy over its controversial subject matter. The upcoming book, which would have involved a fictional plot on real-world author Stephen King's life, had turned out to be closer to reality than he had originally expected.

What was going to happen to Stephen King?

Patterson’s previously upcoming and currently cancelled book “The Murder of Stephen King” would have detailed a fictitious story around the famous horror author Stephen King, the real life author of such iconic horror works as "Carrie" and "Salem’s Lot," having to contend with an obsessive and dangerous stalker.

According to reports, the story would appear to have taken place in Maine, which is King’s home state, and the villain would have represented all of the state’s “native villains combined into one,” possibly being a composite of previous villains King himself had crafted in his own stories.

Reportedly, the title was going to be something of a red herring, as King was not actually going to be killed at the end of the story. Presumably, the title simply comes from the villain’s plot to murder, regardless of succeeding.

Co-written by Derek Nikitas, the book was originally going to be published on November 1. Added to that, the book was originally intended to be part of Patterson’s BookShots series, which have been described as “all thriller, no filler” pieces that are also promised to be under 150 pages.

Why Patterson eventually decided against publishing the story

However, reports claim that Patterson has decided against publishing the story.Reportedly, Patterson seemed to have had two reasons for the decision.

First, he had feared that the book would cause “discomfort” to King and his family, and reneged on the publication out of respect. Second, Patterson had eventually become aware of reports that real-life fans of King had broken into his house in the past, leading to concern that the book’s subject matter of an obsessive fan would be better off put to rest.

In spite of the book’s rather macabre premise, Patterson assures that he had no ill intentions toward King, claiming that the upcoming book was intended to serve as a tribute and homage to the famed horror writer.

According to a released statement from Patterson, he claimed to be a fan of King and previously had hoped that “he likes it.”

The statement had also claimed that King had no direct involvement with the book, however.

Another book from Patterson “Taking the Titanic” will instead come out in November.

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