CBS'Charles Osgood recently paid tribute to brit funny guy James Corden. But fans have reasons to bealternately wowed and worried with the late night TV comedian's weight loss and weight gain roller coaster. But overall the comedian charms in "The Late Late Show With James Corden" skits like "Carpool Karaoke" (see the hilarious sketch of Corden rocking out to Stevie Wonder with FLOTUS Michelle Obama). With his segue into American telly, the former "Gavin & Stacey" star may be the first James of the late night Jimmies triumvirate.

He's giving the other two--Jimmy Kimmel (who's also lost a lot of weight) and Jimmy Fallon a run for their money. Here's how Corden shed a jaw-gaping 6 stones and finally got to a happy medium weight-wise.

The Corden conundrum

It sounds like an episode of the comedy show "Big Bang Theory" but Corden's fluctuating weight is anything but funny. The comedian has alternately lost and gained the same 50 to 100 pounds eight or nine times over the past 10 years. This yo-yo takes a deadly toll on the body to say nothing of the periods of obesity in the off times.

Corden never said much about why or how he packed and took off the pounds, until now. It could be for the same reason Rebel Wilson, Timothy Spall, son Rafe Spall and Melissa McCarthy stayed obese. As Rebel put it, fat people are funnier (or so she thought). Like Wilson and Rafe Spall, Corden probably got used to being typecast as the chubby character such as in his "Fat Friends" role. Wilson was actually afraid to lose weight (she finally did) because she was afraid she'd stop getting parts like "Bridesmaids." She figured getting the fat parts was better than getting no parts at all.

And that's no joke--Melissa McCarthy lost her "Mike and Molly" show after weight loss because she got too skinny.

How James lost weight

Corden does funny well--his video of his audition for "Bridget Jones' Baby" with Renee Zellweger is scream aloud. But body image wasn't a strong suit. Now he's lost 6st (British for about 84 pounds) and is proud of hisweight loss. The biggest motivator was in the form of a tiny bundle named Max, born in 2012 with fiance Julia Carey.

Corden didn't do anything "faddy" he just started eating healthier to be a good example for his son. He also followed the lead set by buddy Gary Barlow. Oh and he gave up a favorite snack "cheesy quavers" (which is Brit for some kind of cheese flavored shoestring potato thing).

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