Some online tabloids will go to amazing lengths to achieve their page view quotas. For a couple of months now, Rumors have surfaced regularly, to the effect that Jaden Smith has died with an initial report saying the young actor had committed suicide. That particular tabloid did double trouble, by also claiming Angelina Jolie had died a month before Jaden did. Luckily for us, both Celebrities are still very much alive and kicking.

Jaden Smith allegedly committed suicide

However, as each rumor dies, another rears its ugly head, with the latest story doing the viral rounds on Facebook.

In the latest rumor, it is being said that Jaden uploaded a video to that social media platform, bidding farewell to his famous dad, Will Smith. According to the International Business Times, the problems arose after people were given access to post on Jaden’s official Facebook page and they obviously got up to a fair amount of nonsense. It was Hollywood Life that claimed the young Karate Kid actor had taken his own life, following the death of Angelina Jolie. Of course, as everyone should know, what is posted on Facebook is not necessarily fact.

Despite this, users continue to share the post widely.

No response from Jaden Smith but he has been seen

While Jaden has yet to respond to all the rumors surrounding his alleged suicide, he has been seen out and about, including being spotted in the company of his girlfriend Sarah Snyder at the New York Fashion Week.

The duo has also, apparently been seen enjoying a double date with Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus.

Jaden isn’t alone in his family when it comes to death hoaxes. According to CBS, there was a fake news report that his father Will had died after falling from a cliff in New Zealand.

Back in October 2013, a Facebook hoax said that Will Smith also died after having spinal surgery. However, in that case, clicking on the link put users of the social media platform in danger of having their accounts hacked.

Meanwhile Jaden continues work on his career, including his own show on Netflix and nothing has been heard from the family about the latest round of suicide rumors. Reportedly, what was really nasty about the latest rumor was that it began doing the rounds close to Jaden’s birthday.

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