The emotional serial 'Ishqbaaz' which depicts the story of three Oberoi Brothers is now the hottest pick among Indian family audiences on prime time.

The characters which include, Shivaay Singh, Omkara, Anika, Ishana, Rudra and Soumya, are now household names among Television viewers.

Lalit Mohan'sexcellent narration is another major point of attraction. The director is quite keen in including all kinds of commercial elements in every episode, and it makes this serial an engaging watch.

September 25th episode rewind

At the beginning of this episode, we can see Shivaye asking everyone to do all the quarrels before Tej and Shakthi come back. Anika warns everyone that God is seeing everyone from the top, and people will get the desired outcome of their deeds. She adds that for God, there is no bias, and he will treat everyone as the same.

In the next scene, we see Anika asking Bhua why she is making Sahil eat the leftover food. Sahil complains that Anika is always in a hurry, and she does not have time to take care of him.

Shivaay and Rudra have a conversation.

Shivaay then tells Rudra that people have the right to say anything, but we should use our common sense and judgemental ability before believing them. At this moment, Rudra says Om that he will believe anything and everything because he is now trapped in the clutches of Ishana.

After this, we can see Anika saying Sahil not to get angry and have food soon. Sahil says he doesn't want to have the food. Then Anika says that she will give the food to Banthu if he doesn't want to have. Sahil asks Anika, 'Who is Bantu,' and the lady replies that it is a pigeon.

During the filming of the previous episode, Surbhi got injured on the sets, after Nakul Mehta stepped on her foot by mistake and her nail came off. Subhi said later that was a very painful incident and that she is taking medicines to cure the injury.

The episode ended with a powerful punch, and it will surely make us wait for the upcoming installments.

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