“Ishqbaaz” aired on Star Plus from Monday to Sunday in primetime at 10:30 Pm in India and is fast gaining popularity and audience seem to be impressed by the plot of the story which focuses on three heirs of the Oberoi family. The three brothers, however, are very different but share a very strong bond with each other.

“Ishqbaaaz”: latest episode features Gayatri being arrested by the security guards of the Oberoi House as she tries to open the locker in but accuses the family of being behind her husband's murder.

September 23 episode:

The latest episode telecasted on Thursday begins with Ganapati preparations and Anika and Soumya are busy doing the preparations for ‘Ganapati Pooja.'

The dholl(A musical instrument) people come and during the security checks, the dholl slides inside, and Anika couldn’t notice thatand someone was inside the dholl that had slid inside and its Gayatri inside the dholl, and she comes out of it.

Anika and Soumya are rejoicing and having fun as they enter Oberoi Mansion dancing to the beats of dholl.

Inside Oberoi Mansion Roop and Gayatri are designing a conspiracy against Oberoi’s. Gayatri enters the locker room.

Gayatri gets arrested

While Rudra, Shivaay, and Om are worshipping the God and performing the ‘aarti,' Gayatri tries to open the locker as she is instructed to do so by Roop but the alarm starts ringing, and the security arrests Gayatri.

This shocks everyone in the mansion, and nobody could say anything.

Gayatri accuses Tej- Shakti for murdering her husband Ashok but Shivay interrupts and asks Gayatri as to why she is doing all this, and it’s not their fault that Ashok died.

But Gayatri insists that Oberoi family is behind her Husband’s murder and tells Shivay about a CD. She asks him to see the CD and find the truth himself.

Tej takes the CD and tells that he will keep the CD in the locker but police take it away and inform Shivaay that he will have to collect the CD from the court.

The serial is topping the charts and the drama showing different faces of life has something different to tell and audience is definitely enjoying every bit of it..

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