Rumors that Jaden Smith was dead started to spin out of control over the past few days with fans feeling quite worried that the news might be true. The buzz had been that Smith had committed suicide, and there was even a supposed video on the brink of being shared that claimed to show his goodbye to his father Will Smith. Luckily, Jaden is alive and well, and it looks like this is just the latest celebrity death hoax swirling around and worrying fans.

Where did this Jaden Smith death rumor begin?

As the Mirror details, the “Jaden Smith is dead” hoax seemed to take hold on Facebook where a page would get permission to post on user's timelines and thus spread the fake link about the supposed death. These things tend to spread like wildfire, so it did not take long for fans to worry that perhaps the news of Smith's death was accurate. It can be difficult at times for celebrity fans to weed through these types of viral news reports, but luckily, in this case, this celebrity death was completely fake.

While Jaden has not addressed the situation personally, he has retweeted another post on Twitter since the rumors regarding his supposed suicide, so he is around and on social media to a small extent. Smith had actually been fairly absent from his social media pages as these death rumors swirled, which may have worked to escalate the concern and believability that he had died. However, All Hip Hop shared photos of Smith out over the weekend in New York with his girlfriend, Sarah Snyder.

Amid rumors of his passing, Jaden Smith was spotted out with his girlfriend

While Jaden has not been on social media much over the past few days, he definitely is still alive and well. All Hip Hop shared photos of Smith out over this past weekend, right when he had supposedly died it seems. Jaden was in New York with his girlfriend Sarah Snyder and the two were photographed together as they were out and about.

This isn't the first time that a Jaden Smith death hoax has surfaced, and many other celebrities have fallen prey to the same kind of rumors. Fans are glad to see that the young star is still alive and well and hope that those behind these kinds of pranks can just leave him alone.

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