vikram, one of the most versatile actors in South India, is back in action through his new Tamil movie Iru Muganwhich graced the big screens on September 8, 2016. This film has a simultaneous Telugu release by the name Inkokkadu. As per latest updates, the movie is receiving mixed to positive reviews from all corners.

An in and out Vikram show

Chiyaan, as we all know, is an impeccable actor, and he has proved his mettle once again. The 50-year-old celebrity has excelled in both the roles; that of a RAW agent and transgender antagonist 'Love'.

The Anniyan star has done full justice to these characters and it is a sheer treat to watch him on screen.

Nayanthara and Nithya Menon who have done the characters of Lady leads look beautiful throughout the movie.

So many loopholes in the screenplay

The director himself has penned the script. Unfortunately, he failed to make full use of the theme.The main crux of this film is based on International espionage, and it is for the first time that such a topic is getting discussed in a South Indian movie.

The narration and screenplay are filled with umpteen numbers of loopholes. Some scenes are logicless, but what holds the audience on the edge of the theater seats is nothing but the charismatic screen presence of Vikram.

The first half of the movie is pretty ordinary except the thrilling interval block. The second portion begins in an engaging manner, but Anand failed to carry forward the momentum.

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Scintillating music

The major highlight of Iru Mugan, is its powerful music and songs. Harris Jayaraj has once again proved that he is capable of creating awesome background score.


Final verdict

Anand Shankar had got a golden chance to make a memorable flick with Vikram. But he has missed out the chance and has wasted the opportunity.

Box-Office Predictions:

The film in all probabilities will earn more than Rs 30 Crores by the end of the first week.

Most of the centers have witnessed an attendance percentage of 90%, and it indicates a long run for this flick.

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