This talented Canadian actress recently co-produced and co-starred in a funny short film called "Singer Sisters." She hashad parts in "The X-Files," "iZombie," "Once Upon a Time" and "Supernatural."Now Alison Wandzuraplays a badass vampire hunter in a kill-or-be-killed vampire apocalyptic world. Get to know her and catch the premiere of "Van Helsing" Sep. 23, 2016 on the SyFy network. 

Colleen Bement:"Van Helsing" seriously looks cool. What is it like to be part of the Van Helsing family and save the world week after week?

Alison Wandzura: It's been a gift. When I watched the preview of the pilot, all I could think about was how much fun we had behind the scenes.

It's a dark, gritty show, but there was so much joy on set. With Neil LaBute, Simon Barry, and Nomadic Pictures producing, it was bound to be an incredible experience.

As for saving the world, our characters are mostly focused on saving ourselves. Initially we're just trying to survive another day; but let's not rule out an eventual overthrowing of the vampires!

CB: What do you hope the audience will take away from your character in the first episode?

AW: Although my character, Nicole, might come off as cold and ruthless, I prefer to think of her as strategic. Niceties don't exist amidst a "kill-or-be-killed" vampire apocalypse, but there are attempts at alliances between our ensembles of survivors in the pilot episode.

I think the audience will enjoy watching those relationships unfold, and it will be interesting to see which character's approach to survival you identify most with. 

Plays a bad-ass character

CB: Is the work on the set physically challenging?

AW: I have to admit, carrying that big steel pipe (which I've nicknamed 'Martha'), makes me look more badass than I really am.

The most physically straining scene for me was hauling an unconscious John (played by David Cubitt) up that broken escalator.

On set, you might be waiting for an hour and then get thrown into a scene where you're suddenly supposed to be out-of-breath and terrified. Sometimes I'd do squats and push-ups to get my blood flowing.

Shooting on a rooftop amidst a downpour of rain or even hail is physically challenging in a different way. You just grit your teeth and soldier on. Plus, nothing's that painful when you're working with an awesome team like our "Van Helsing" cast and crew.   

Shares a story from the set of "Supernatural"

CB: You had a guest role as an EMT in a season six episode of"Supernatural." Please share.

AW: Ah yes, the EMT! I even remember my line: "Fractured spine, internal bleeding - had a heart attack in the ambulance...we need Doctor Owens." That was one of my first TV gigs in Vancouver, and I was thrilled to be cast in such a big show. I told my friends and family to watch for me the night it aired, but to my disappointment, the camera quickly panned past me and I was barely recognizable.I also remember trying to push a fast-moving gurney through the operating room door without taking a limb off Jensen Ackles, who was leaning on the door frame. 

Jim Michaels is usually in the audition room and he seems like one of the nicest producers in the biz.

I'd love to work on "Supernatural" again, particularly with director John Badham. 

CB: Do you have any hidden talents that you can share with your fans? The quirkier the better?

AW: I have a superhuman ability to spot bad grammar, typos, and spelling errors. I think it comes from having worked in the advertising world, doing copywriting. If you let a typo slip on $10,000 full-page magazine ad, you might as well clean out your desk. Although grammatical errors drive me nuts, I sometimes have to withhold my critique, because not everyone wants to be corrected. I'll say to my fiancé "If there were a typo in your latest Facebook post, would you want to know?" When a friend asks me to edit something they've written, my pupils dilate and my adrenaline spikes.

Perhaps we can work this special ability into a character on "Supernatural."

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