For the past several months, Director Linda Palmer has been busily working on Halloween Party, the latest film from Leomark Studios. The comedy was released on September 2, 2016, and follows the adventures of Erin--a single girl who is searching for a normal guy. Whilst attending a wild Halloween party, Erin encounters a wolf man, a prowling pirate, and more.

The movie was directed by Linda Palmer who is the founder of Runaway Productions, a company in Los Angeles that produces both commercial and feature films.

Linda studied a range of media topics at Long Beach City College, the UCLA Extension Program and the Hollywood Film Institute. She founded her company after writing, directing and producing a campaign of public service announcements for "Children of the Night: which is a non-profit organization that cares for teenage runaways who are living on the streets of Los Angeles. Linda has also worked at music-management company Stiletto, Aaron Spelling Productions and "America's Funniest People." Recently, she spoke about her experiences working in the entertainment industry and her hopes for the future.


Blasting News (BN): What inspired you to become a director?

Linda Palmer (LP): I started as a writer and producer, but soon found I wanted to have more creative input on set. My two favorite things to do are production design and directing.

BN: What are your favorite genres to work with and why?

LP: Mostly drama, comedy, or rom-com because they are my favorite Movies.

BN: You have done work for "Children of the Night," an organization that helpsrunawaysliving on the streets of LA.

What made you so interested in and passionate about this cause?

LL: I was once a runaway myself and had the good fortune of being taken in by my best friend’s family.That changed my life and I've wanted to do what I could to help organizations that offer the same sorts of help and opportunity.“Children of the Night” is a very good place doing exactly that. I named my company, Runaway Productions, based on my experiences.

BN: What kinds of films does your company seek? Can writers submit screenplays to you?

LL: I'm very open to writer’s submissions but recently I've changed my direction and am producing films that make a positive difference in the world.As a freelance writer/director/ producer, it takes me several years of my life to develop and make a film.I have to REALLY care about it and it's subject to do that.

BN: What drew you to “Halloween Party”?

LP: It was based on some of our own crazy Halloween parties, but mostly I wanted to direct a group of great improv actors.


BN: If you could write in any genre, without financial constraints, what kind of film would you create and why?

LP: I don’t think it’s necessarily a genre thing, but more story-driven. I have recently decided the types of stories I want to tell are ones that make a difference or have some social relevance, like “Spotlight”.

BN: Do you have any upcoming projects that you would like to mention?

LP: I’m currently working on a feature with two partners that we’re very excited about. “Cat Dexx Trophy Hunter” shines a light on anti-poaching. It’s about a girl ‘Rambo’ hunting poachers in Africa ‘Tarantino’ style. It’s recently become a finalist in several screenplay contests and we have some pretty big production companies looking at it.

BN: What advice would you give to someone who is aspiring to enter the film industry, especially as a director?

LP: You’re the captain of the ship. Your job is to create the best possible story and bring on board the team that can help you attain your vision.

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