Owen Harn is an Actor who has appeared in numerous movies and TV shows. Born and raised in Silver Spring, Maryland, Owen knew he wanted to be an actor from the age of six and throughout his childhood he created characters and did impressions. After moving to Florida at age 12, he trained as an actor and involved himself in theater and improvisation. He attended The Performers Studio Workshop in Tampa in 2009 and subsequently landed his first job on the televisions series "Burn Notice." Although interested in comedy, Owen is now known primarily as a character actor and has appeared in top-rated shows including AMC's "Into the Badlands" and "The Walking Dead" and HBO's "True Detective." He also starred in the theatrical film "Max" and Cinemax's "Banshee." In 2016, Owen finally made his comedy debut on HBO's "Vice Principals." He is also scheduled to guest star on Cinemax's new drama series "Quarry." Recently, he spoke about his entertainment experiences and his hopes for the future.


Blasting News (BN): How and when did you decide to get into your career?

Owen Harn (OH): After I saw my first talent show in 1st grade I knew I wanted to be an entertainer. After college and getting stuck in a dead end job, I finally made the right steps to get into my acting career.

BN: Growing up, what kinds of media influenced you?

OH: I was addicted to ESPN as a kid. Still today I am very focused on my sports. I’ve got to have something to take my mind off of the business.

BN: How did you go about finding places to perform?

OH: I took drama in high school and then performed at local theater after. I had to ask around and find acting classes that would allow me to get up and work on scenes.

Not monologues; don't waste your time on those. I needed to work with other actors that are as good as me.

BN: So far, how many projects have you been involved with? Do you have a favorite?

OH: I have been involved with thirty-three projects. I would say Vice Principalswas my favorite because I was finally able to do comedy...which I prefer over anything.

Working with Danny McBride, Jody Hill, David Gordon Green, Walton Goggins and that cast was a dream come true.

BN: What is the main difference between being a comedic actor and a character actor?

OH: Comedy I get to be more myself. It comes more naturally to me than any other genre. But I also love character work.

I usually create characters of people I've met over the years and sometimes combine them into one character. You really have to dig much deeper with character work. Do your research and become that person.


BN: What would be your “dream project”?

OH: I've always wanted to work on a Vietnam-style film like 'Platoon" or even like the original "Predator" from 1987. I was obsessed with G.I. JOES as achild, so I would always envision an atmosphere like fighting bad guys in the jungle one day.

BN: To date, what has been the most rewarding part of being in the entertainment industry?

OH: Traveling to new cities part, because I didn't get to see a lot of the world or country growing up and now I am able to when I fly out to work on a new project.

BN: What advice would you give to someone who is aspiring to become an entertainer?

OH: Train! You learn so much by taking as many classes as you can and finding the right teacher for you. I also learned more of the business side from my acting peers. Don't look at the business as a competition. You are on your own road, on your own path and it will get very rocky but you have to keep your head in the game. Focus on your own path, not someone else's.

BN: Are there any upcoming projects or events that you want to mention?

OH: Yes, I will be guest starring on the new Cinemax show "Quarry"which debuts on Friday, September 16th at 10pm ET. It was a great series to work on. The series is directed by the awesome Greg Yaitanes who also worked on Cinemax's "Banshee" and FOX's "House." I absolutely loved this material.

I can't wait to work with Greg again.

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