OK, so I. Marlene King left us with the most shocking moment in the Summer finale. I mean, how did it happen? However, the DiLaurentis family is somehow always tangled up with Hastings from the very beginning as we all know. Peter Hastings and Jessica DiLaurentis had an affair and Jason is Peter's son and that wasn't a big moment. But, when Mary revealed that Spencer is her daughter, well,, that's the 'BIG REVEAL'. So, that means, Spencer is Charlotte's sister. What an unbelievable reveal? Have you ever thought why Veronica always protects only Melissa?

Guess we all know the reason now. Though I. Marlene King didn't give us a direct reveal, I assume she gave some little facts about Mary and Spencer moments in previous seasons.

Facts that prove Mary is Spencer's biological mother

OK so, i'm going to give you some hints on Spencer and Mary. In season 5, when Spencer was there in A's vault, there was a person wearing a mask. What Spencer told the others was that person felt familiar to her, like a cousin. So, later that person appeared to be Charlotte.

Then again there was a creepy teen dancer in season 6. We all assumed that it was some kind of a dream that Spencer had. What if that creepy girl is teen Mary? After knowing that Spencer is Mary's other child, in my guess, I think that creepy, mysterious dancer was Mary. We all know that Mary was in Radley and the teen dancer Spencer saw was in Radley too! Another fact is that the girl touched her stomach when she was dancing.

Again, she screamed while she was dancing. We all know that Mary got pregnant several times when she was in Radley. So as I assume, the girl's dance is related to pregnancy. Her every dance movement gave us some kind of a hint we couldn't guess earlier. Of course, I. Marlene King won't put something non-related in her TV show so there has to be something special about that teen dancer.

Unsolved question

So after considering these, I, myself have got a question. In season 6, liars saw a video footage in A's vault. There were two boys and Jessica and she held a baby girl. I guess we all know who are these two boys but what if Jessica holding baby Spencer? I mean, she told boys to kiss and say good bye to their little sister. I thought that it was Alison she was holding but after considering facts, I think it's Spencer. Of course Mary couldn't look after her child as she was in Radley. But i think Jessica looked after her child before Hastings did. With these unsolved problems and facts, we have to wait until April to now the truth and I know that "Pretty Little Liars"fans have the most patience out of all!

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