ITV bosses made a decision to ban any Reality TV stars from the line up ofI'm a Celebrity 2016. It means that only "credible" stars will spend time in the jungle.

This is major news, as reality TV stars have been in the show really from the beginning. There have been numerous reality celebs win or become close to winning, includingX-Factorcontestant Stacey Solomon andThe Only Way Is Essex star Mark Wright.

'I'm a Celeb' 2016 will stop the 'unfair advantage.'

Why is something like this so important?

According to some, the reality TV show stars have an unfair advantage over all the rest. There is more chance that more of the younger viewers will have heard of them because they are invested in the reality shows, includingX-Factor, Britain's Got TalentandThe Only Way Is Essex.

This theory doesn't quite sit right. After all, there have been plenty of non-reality show winners. In fact, there have only been two winners, with others just being runners up or favorites for a short period of time. Soap stars, West End stars, and even bikers have all gone on to win the contest.

However, last year did see reality show stars coming first, second and third.

Other stars have complained about the "unfair advantage." This isn't about the following, but being used to have cameras up close. Other stars tend to film scripted programs and are always in their characters, or they keep the cameras out of their personal lives.

Bosses want 'credible' stars

There is the aim to put "credible" stars onI'm a Celebrity2016.

This will include soap, TV, and singing stars. ITV wants to do the same as Strictly Come Dancing, where reality stars are avoided as much as possible. There are plenty of sporting, music, and performance stars with various backgrounds on the BBC program. It isn't a running joke like the ITV jungle program can be.

It looks like the jungle will fall foul of the ban already. Rumors suggest thatGogglebox's Scarlett Moffatt is going to appear on the Australian-set program.

I'm a Celebrity 2016 returns in November. It is unclear just who will appear on the program yet.

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