"How to Get Away with Murder"returns this Thursday on ABC. The Season 2 finale left us mourning for Wes, insanely annoyed with Laurel and Frank,love-hatingAnnalise, along will several other draining emotions. Here are some predictions for Season 3.

Connor and Oliver will end tragically

Another jaw-dropping moment from last season was finding out that Oliver secretly declined Connor's Standford acceptance and lied to him about it. It's clear that despite Connor's best efforts, he failed to keep his boyfriend naive or untainted from working with Annalise. While Connor couldn't be more over all the drama, Oliver is just getting started.

They want completely different things andneither of them plans on compromising. As a result, their break-up can't be too far away. Oliver's secret will inevitably come out, and the news will shatter the duo. Maybe a heartbroken Connor will choose to escape on his own. Maybe Oliver will completely lose his innocence and dump Connor because he can't keep up. Either way, #Coliver is on its last two legs.

Michaela and Asher won't date

At least not yet. With Michaela's boyfriend dead and Bonnie and Asher over, it seems like there's nothing stopping the odd couple from becoming a real thing. After all, they did have sex once (nearly twice) before. Unfortunately, Michaela isn't quite readyto take on Asher just yet.

She hasn't fully developed her feelings for him, and she's not strong enough to handle the public ridicule that will come if she makes Asher hers. That won't stop the two from having a lot more sex, though. They'll probably even make their "friends with benefits" situation a regular occurrence.

Laurel and Wes won't date either

Wes and Laurel's car kiss left fans wondering if she would permanently leave Frank and pursue a different relationship. Sadly, there's no way that would actually happen. Even if Laurel does leave Frank, Wes is currently too emotionally unavailable to start dating her.

Who knows if the two will even smooch again. Tragic.

Watch the preview for Season 3 below:

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