Manga 16

Awesome! Fans will have to wait only a few hours for the official opening of the chapter number 16 official manga "Dragon Ball Super," whose plot is narrating the arrival of Future Trunks to the land to communicate to Son Goku and the rest of the Z warriors the terrible threat that is happening in the future, as it has appeared -- a completely terrifying threat with enough power to liquidate an entire race.


The official website of Kami-sama Explorer has revealed some spoilers of this new episode, especially the scene in which Trunks narrates and protects the planet earth in the future from the terrible hands of Babidi and Darbura, who were about to create and revive Majin Buu.


We emphasize that this is not one hundred percent confirmed, but is all the information so far.

Kibito and seven supreme ancestor universes have been killed by Darbura in the future before this showdown against Trunks. Fortunately, the future saiyajin managed to eliminate the king of darkness using the power of phase two super saiiyajin. At that time, Black and it would be created. This dark warrior would have a big problem (the destroyer gods), so according to information leaked, Black Gokú has killed all the gods of creation of all existing universes mercilessly and thus, all destroyer gods have died.

That is, both Bills and Champa have been eliminated.

As for Zamasu, it has revealed that this enigmatic wannabe supreme was previously only one universe Kaiosama northern ten who wanted to aspire to become supreme. We remind you that today there is no chapter of #Dragon Ball Super due to a television special to be released in the coming hours and that it will last an hour, taking the time which would otherwise be dedicated elsewhere. If you want to know the real reason for the postponement of this September episode, you can find it directly from this link.

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