Will there be justice for Corey Haim? Along with its long history of glitz and glamour, Hollywood is also notoriously known for its seedy side. From the casting couch to wild sex parties, many have paid a high price for the cost of fame. Now comes word that there is a persistent push to expose the “powerful Hollywood director” who is accused of raping actor Corey Haim when he was a minor. Haim died in 2010 at age 38. Rest assured, there are those in entertainment circles who know the name of this individual.

For now, he is described as a family man having a household name, revered all over the world and who had consistently abused Haim since the age of 11.

Reportedly, people are coming forward with new information as one prominent Hollywood agent declares she will not sleep until this predator’s identity is revealed. Journalists, talent representatives, production companies and managers are corresponding with each other through emails. It has long been an open secret that Haim and his friend and fellow child actor Corey Feldman were practically passed around like breadsticks.

While Feldman has not publicly named the accused, he has not been silent about their ordeal either. The pair starred in several films togethersuch as "The Lost Boys."

Hollywood Prey

“X-Men” director, Bryan Singer, made headlines when he was hit with a civil lawsuit of sexual assault of a minor in 2014. Singer, along with other Hollywood bigwigs reportedly held “parties” which were drug fueled and served as means for young aspiring male actors to willingly or unknowingly “sleep their way to the top.” Actor Elijah Wood said that his mother protected him by keeping him away from these rumored parties.

All children need protection

The BizParentz Foundation is an organization that supports child actors and their families. Anne Henry, one of its founders, told Fox News that she believes every child actor coming into contact with a pedophile is not an exaggeration. Former child star, Mara Wilson, who played Natalie Hilliard in “Mrs. Doubtfire” wrote in her article, “7 Reasons Child Stars Go Crazy” that sexual exploitation was just part of the package.

She thanks her parents for being very protective and notes that she was spared because her mother was far more concerned with raising her to be a good human being rather than securing a career. Time will tell if this famed director will continue to go unchecked, or if Hollywood will be rocked by a major scandal.

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