Billions of dollars in artistic and cultural treasures stolen and eventually lost during the World War II Nazi occupation may now be found if the stars of The History Channelseries succeeds.

Hunting Nazi Treasure,will team up World War II historian James Holland, journalist Conor Woodman, and Robert M. Edsel, Founder and chairman of the Monuments Men Foundation for the Preservation of Art and the author of The Monuments Men in a televised expedition through European salt mines, the North African desert and parts of North and South America.

The proposed series will actually show the pain-staking process of flying from country to continent to track down every lead in the search for properties, including precious heirlooms that were snatched from the homes of Jews in cities all over Europe as they were captured - some never to return - and taken to internment and death camps.

The hunt will include North and South America as former Nazi enlisted resettled in many different places after the war.

The investigators will be searching for literally thousands of paintings, antique objects, documents, jewelry and cultural valuables that are still listed missing and haven’t been seen since the 1940s.

“This program will present a unique opportunity to put the foundation’s extensive records and archives to use,” said Edsel, whose book was turned into the 2014 movie, The Monuments Men,starring George Clooney.

It is my hope that our program will become America’s Most Wanted for culture and lead to the return of priceless objects to their rightful owners.”

In addition to going through “Nazi declassified intelligence reports, dossiers, archives and private collections,” they will also interview Holocaust survivors and their descendants, as well as witnesses and experts on the time period for clues.

Viewers can get in on the hunt by calling the 1-866-994-4278 and on the internet at

Hunting Nazi Treasures will debut on The History Channel in Canada in 2017.

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