Former "How I Met Your Mother" star Alyson Hannigan has been teasing fans during recent interviews about the possibility of an "HIMYM" spin-off featuring life with Marshall and Lily years after Ted's story finally ended.

Could "HIMYM" be making a return to TV?

It is no secret that "HIMYM" fans were not too happy that the long-running beloved series ended, nor were the majority real thrilled with how the story ended. But, what is done is done, and it has been a while since we have had a good dose of the popular comedy series, unless you have been binge watching on Netflix.

It is quite a popular trend these days for networks to reboot fan-favorite shows such as "Gilmore Girls," which will hit Netflix over Thanksgiving weekend,(mark your calendars) or remake such films as "The Blair Witch" and Stephen King's terrifying clown classic "IT" just to name a few.

While it has not been officially confirmed, we are sure that die-hard "How I Met Your Mother" fans wouldn't argue with a new spin-off series such as the one Netflix is doing with the "Gilmore Girls."

Following the last episode of "HIMYM", Alyson Hannigan recalls teasing Jason Segel, her series husband and longtime friend. She suggested that they needed a Marshall and Lily spin-off, revealing that Jason said after ten years they could come back. Ithas only been two years, but we are sure fans would not mind one bit should they decide to bring us all up-to-date on what has been happening with Marshall and Lily's lives.

What has the gang of "How I Met Your Mother" been up to?

It would also bring a lot of closure and answers as to what the gang has been up since the series finale. But Hannigan is not sitting idly by waiting for such a return. The 42-year-old mother of two is currently working on a small screen remake for TV Land of "The First Wives Club." Don't worry, Alyson claims that the remake will have a brand new appeal all it's own and not be a same-old-same-old redo.

What are your thoughts on a "How I Met Your Mother" spin-off or a reunion show? Would you love to see how the lives of Marshall, Lily, Ted, Barney and Robin have turned out, or is it still too early to go there yet? Do you believe such a show would be a hit, or are TV and movie fans getting tired of networks copying yesterday's biggest hits? Let us know how you feel about the possibility of a "HIMYM" spin-off!

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