Fox News personality Judge Jeanine Pirro went ballistic on-air last night addressing Hillary Clinton as if she were sitting right there. By the time she was done she had wrapped Hillary in a box labeled an "arrogant pathological liar." This was the Judge's reaction to Hillary putting Trump supporters into two categories starting with that "Basket of Deplorables." As a die-hard Trump supporter, the Judge took offense to being called either a racist, homophobic, sexist and xenophobic to name a few.

The second group was the forgotten people who feel their government had let them down.

The Judge's fury

Mad as hell, is the best way to describe Judge Jeanine, who felt Hillary was attacking her personally as a Trump supporter as well as millions of other Americans. While the Judge is traditionally a very animated person, her fury at Hillary Clinton brought that animation to a height that is rarely seen from her while she's on the air at Fox News. As far as Hillary's so-called "apology"that didn't hold much water for Judge Jeanine as well as many others around the nation.


AfterHillary Clintonmade that statement how she puts half of all Trump supporters in a "basket of deplorables" she waitedfor 17-hours to issue a statement that somewhat resembled an apology.

It took the urging of her handlers to get her to issue a statement and all and even then she said only that she "regrets" generalizing. In Hillary's original insult she said that these deplorable people supporting Trump weren't Americans. She also said that these Trump supporters are irredeemable.

Hillary 'regrets' but that's as far as it goes!

Judge Jeanine had guests on her show to talk about this including Hillary supporters who claimed that people took Hillary's "deplorables" statement all wrong.

That was an argument that came without a leg to stand on with the Judge. According to CNN News, Hillary's said that she was "grossly generalistic" and "that's never a good idea." She also said that she regrets "saying "half -- that was wrong."

Voters on the fence, sway to Trump's side?

Pirro was talking for the many Trump supporters who were just as furious atHillaryand her arrogance for bunching them together as degenerates.

You can just hear the sound of feet landing in Trump's yard and those feet belong to the voters who were still on the fence deciding between Clinton or Trump.

After the despicable comment offered up by Hillary, it's a safe bet to say they are landing in Trump's arena today. As Judge Jeanine and Trump have both vocalized, the people Hillary was referring to as "deplorables" are hard working Americans from all walks of life. They are farmers, doctors, factory workers, lawyers, teachers, bus drivers and the list goes on!

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