Hillary Clinton is trending on Twitter today and what happened to her on Sunday is being compared to the storyline of the movie,Weekend at Bernies. Hillary is being compared to the star character, which is the role of a deceased man whose name was Bernie. He was the guy who died while on vacation and whose employees dragged him around the beach house for a weekend so as not to ruin the party after he was found dead. Weekend at Bernie'swas a hit 1989 movie that had a lot of pretending going on and today it is compared to possible pretending in Hillary's case!

Rubber-like legs

The plot was to trick everyone into thinking the big boss throwing this party was just fine so the party wouldn't be ruined. While Hillary is very much alive, is her camp hiding an illness to save the campaign? As you can see from the comparison picture below, Hillary is even dressed similar to Bernie.When she went down in front of her van at the 9/11 event on Sunday, Hillary's body was limp and for a moment the scene resembled the Weekend at Bernie'sscene with people on either side of her propping her up.

Hillary seeming lost control of her muscles as her staff rallied around her to pick her up and move her into the van. You can see just how rubber-like her legs and arms became in the close-up clip of the video below that was tweeted today.

She lost control of muscles?

While her camp reports she is suffering from pneumonia and her doctor released a statement saying that she was dehydrated due to her pneumonia, many people are questioning this today. This is not the first time Hillary needed help navigating in the recent past. She is seen in the tweeted picture below being helped up stairs by her doting staff and this happened months ago.

Not the first time for Hillary!

Being helped up the stairs was mild in comparison to Sunday's episode where Hillary actually looked as if she lost all muscle control. USA Today is asking the same question many others are asking today -- would we have been told about her pneumonia diagnosis if she wasn't caught on camera with her wobbling legs and her staff basically picking her up?

She was wobbling say witnesses!

The Inquisitrreports that many people are not buying the pneumonia diagnosis offered up by Hillary's camp.

Many who have seen Hillary wobble and buckle in the video believe they are seeing Hillary suffering a seizure. Others who saw the scene first-hand said she wobbled and lost control of her legs.

Now here comes the big conspiracy theory heard today... some people have gone as far as saying there is a body double for Hillary.It is suggested that Hillary's body double was the one who emerged from Chelsea Clinton's home, not the real Hillary. Here is the picture they are giving as an example:

Is there a real scoop on its way?

So what is really going on with Hillary Clinton?

Is her camp keeping a serious diagnosis under wraps to keep from ruining any chance she has of getting into the White House? What was that Weekend at Bernie's scene all about Sunday when she was like rubber and needed her handlers to actually handle her?

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