Hillary Clinton was a sitting duck when appearing with Zach Galifianakis on"Funny or Die"and it only took seconds for you to start feeling embarrassed for the Democratic candidate. Whether you are a supporter of hers or not, many felt a ting of empathy for Hillary as she squirmed!

It is not hard to find the comments across the social media sites indicating that this goes down as Hillary's failed attempt at reaching out to the younger voters. Attempting to entice votes from this population is what prompted her to appear on the "Between Two Ferns withZach Galifianakis"show in the first place. Her lack of quick thinking and inability to zing Zach back didn't fare well for the presidential hopeful!

Why would Hillary agree to this?

The "CNet" suggest that Hillary "endured" her time on "Funny or Die" and that it might prepare her for the up-and-coming debate with Trump next week. It was easy to see that Zach's dry comedy approach rendered Hillary stiff and on-guard as she waited to see what was coming out of his mouth next. The social media sites are filled with Trump supporters seeing this as a plus for Trump as Hillary may end up just enduring her debate with Trump rather than flourishing!

She 'regrets doing this'

The discomfort level for the viewer watching this would be along the same lines of watching your grandmother attempt to spout out a rap song, it just didn't mix. She was halfway through her visit with the "Funny or Die" venue when she said, "I regret doing this." By that time - you too had the same regrets.

Check out the clip below of Hillary's entire visit with "Between Two Ferns withZach Galifianakis" on the "Funny or Die" venue.

Many people have sat between those two ferns with funny man Zach in the past, including President Obama. Unlike Hillary Clinton, it was Obama who took control of the show he was appeared on.

While Zack spewed some of the same type of Achilles' heel zingers at Obama as he did for Hillary, Obama was on his game and shot back two-fold.

He seemed to know what to expect from this show and in turn he appeared to come much better prepared.

He didn't look weak and he didn't defend himself against Zach's accusations. Instead he threw them right back at him, something Hillary wasn't able to do.

Not as quick-thinking as Obama?

Hillary did not prove herself a quick thinker as Obama did while knocking back Zach's zingers as they came across home plate. Hillary waddled looking apprehensive where Obama looked stern and ready to counter attack. The long pauses used in Hillary's segments just added to the embarrassment for the former Secretary of State. Obama's appearance on "Funny or Die" was a few years back and his reason for showing up on such a controversial show was to reach the younger population as well... he was pushing Obama Care at the time.

Hillary's "Funny or Die" segment has gone viral and clips of this show popped up on "Fox and Friends" on Friday morning with the consensus being that this was one tough gig for Hillary Clinton! When the camera panned to Hillary after a zinger was thrown her way, her facial grimace coupled with a long and quiet pause was an uncomfortable look for the presidential hopeful! Then when they go to a commercial break and play a pro-Trump ad, Hillary's attempt at dead-pan comedy was finally made obvious, but at best - it was only an attempt!

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