Hilary Clinton's health issues have posed yet another problem for the presidential hopeful's campaign. It has been confirmed that Hilary's husband, former President Bill Clinton will be stepping in to appear at two major fundraising events on Hilary's behalf. During a 9/11 15th anniversary memorial Hilary Clinton appeared to lose her balance again and was quickly carted off to her daughter's apartment to lie down.

Is Hilary Clinton really up to handling the chore of being President?

It has since been revealed that Clinton was diagnosed with pneumonia and supporters are beginning to grow very concerned about her health, wondering if Hilary is physically up for the demanding job as President of the United States should she win this year's election.

It has now been announced that two very big fundraisers for Hilary's campaign will now carry on without her. However, Hilary's husband Bill will be stepping in on his ailing wife's behalf at the costly fundraising events.

One such event will take place at Seth MacFarlane's home with beginning donations starting at $5,000, for $10 grand you are granted a co-host status with preferred seating, For the more serious financial contributors donating $33,400 was to present backers with a special photo opt with Hilary.

It is not known at this time how the big money tickets will be handled in Hilary's absence.

Former President Bill Clinton to step in for Hilary Clinton at fundraisers

The dinner hosted at billionaire Barry Dillard's mansion, the pricier of the two start out at $100,000 per couple. Both events are still taking place as scheduled, just without Hilary. Clinton's campaign team made the official announcement earlier today that Hilary would not be returning to the campaign trail before mid next week at the earliest.

The new illness diagnosis is not at this time the biggest issuefor Hilary Clinton supporters, it is however, the fact that Hilary chose not to disclose her condition which is making it even harder for voters to fully trust her.

One things is for sure, the Presidential election battle between Clinton and reality TV star billionaire businessman Donald Trump will certainly continue to heat up in the upcoming final weeks on the campaign trail.

What are your thoughts on Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump's health issues, will their health status updates sway your vote?

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