Since the beginning of the 21st Century, we have seen more shows come out on television than ever before, signaling the emergence of what most people call ‘The golden era of television.' Out of the thousands of shows to make their way onto the former-idiot box, only three have left an indelible mark on the cultural landscape of our time – The Wire, Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad. The creator of Breaking BadVince Gilligan, is set to begin another stint on the medium that shot him to fame, with his second drama, featuring a second compelling antagonist.

Bigger and badder?

Gilligan will now be featured on the most popular network in the world – HBO, after becoming the core reason behind AMC’s now ever-escalating success. The show he will be working on has been titled Raven, and it will feature the controversial story of cult leader Jim Jones.

For those of you who don’t know the story of Jim Jones, he was the man responsible for the biggest mass suicide in American history, one that claimed the lives of over 900 people in Guyana. Only the attack on the twin towers claimed more American lives than Jones’ misdeeds.

Attention to detail

In order to bring out the best of this dark, savage and tragic story, Gilligan will be teaming up with director Michelle MacLaren – the man responsible for Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones. The two talented individuals will be penning the pilot together, and they will be drawing the details from the 1982 book Raven: The untold story of Jim Jones and his people.

A return to form?

Vince Gilligan has had a modest run on television after Breaking Bad, serving as an executive producer on the spin-off series Better call Saul.

His other television series Battle Creek was cancelled after its first season despite having a promising cast and storyline. Battle Creek however was a softer show, tilting more towards comedy than drama. The story that will be told during Raven feels more like the show Gilligan should be working on, focusing more on a conflicted yet conniving antagonist that audiences will love to hate.

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