Has “Teen Mom 2” star Jenelle Evans split from David Eason, the father of the baby girl she is expecting in January? There have been hints via the Facebook pages of the two reality television stars that there might be trouble in the relationship, but she says that things are fine and that the Facebook status that generated the rumors were simply a mistake.

What caused this stir among 'Teen Mom 2' fans?

As Radar Online notes, David Eason's Facebook page recently had “it's been complicated” noted as his relationship status.

At the same time, Jenelle Evans' page seemingly did not show a relationship status at all. This tidbit got tongues wagging, but now the reality television star shares with the site that everything is fine. She says that “He has no idea how that happened and it's fixed now.”

Fans might raise an eyebrow or two over the idea that Eason had no idea how the relationship status got changed, but Evans adds that the couple just shared their first anniversary and he may have accidentally changed the Facebook status when he clicked on the date.

As viewers started buzzing about the possibility that Jenelle and Davidwere on the outs, he posted about the couple's anniversary on Facebook, praising his gal for what he says has been the best year of his life.

Can David and Jenelle go the distance?

Interestingly, as the International Business Times notes, neither David or Jenelle show a relationship status on their Facebook pages any longer, indicating that they both have hidden it via their settings.

That may keep tongues from wagging to a degree, but it probably won't slow down any buzz if furtherhints of a split emerge.

Evans recently shared some updates on her pregnancy, posting about her ultrasound and the name she and David have chosen for the baby. Will Jenelle and her guy still be happily together when little Ensley Jolie arrives in January? Will this be the relationship that sticks for the "Teen Mom 2" star?

Fans will be quite curious to see how things unfold over the next few months as the baby's due date draws near.

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