Will Kathryn Dennis be absent from the potentially upcoming 4th season of Southern Charm? While Bravo has not yet confirmed the series' renewal, rumors are swirling in regard to potential cast changes and in one of the latest reports, it has been noted that Whitney Sudler-Smith and Dennis may be left out. 

On September 12, the Inquisitr shared a number of tweets from an account labeled Holy City Sinner, which had revealed that Sudler-Smith was rumored to be in talks to return but hadn't yet.

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According to the outlet, Sudler-Smith, a producer of the Bravo reality series, was rumored to have moved to Europe with his girlfriend, but according to the Twitter user, that information had not yet been confirmed.

As for Kathryn Dennis, her future with the show hasn't offically been announced, nor has she directly spoke of her future with the network. However, according to the Inquisitr, she is not filming season four.

'Southern Charm' season four has reportedly begun filming

In addition to the news regarding the possible season four cast, the Holy City Sinner also revealed that production was underway in downtown Charleston, South Carolina. Meanwhile, the Inquisitr confirmed that Thomas Ravenel, the father of Kathryn Dennis' two children, had been spotted filming with his co-star, Shep Rose. As fans of the series will recall, Dennis and Ravenel have been at odds for the past several months due to their ongoing custody fight over their daughter Kensington and son Saint Julien.

While Dennis hasn't directly spoken of Southern Charm season four, she did re-tweet a message to her fans and followers earlier this week.

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In the telling post, a message read, "[Kathryn Dennis], Looks like #SouthernCharm is currently filming. Please tell me they brought you back. I can't watch Landon all season."

During Southern Charm season three, Dennis and Landon Clements were consistently at odds, and, during the season three reunion, they went head-to-head yet again. Now, as Clements rejoins her co-stars, Dennis' fate remains unknown.