Daniel Radcliff has developed quite the reputation as an outspoken champion of rights. The star of the Harry Potter franchise has used his public persona to speak on justice matters in the past. Previously in an interview, Radcliffe has spoken in support of efforts to reduce global inequity. As a global personality, Radcliffe has displayed a pragmatism and dedication to values that many of his contemporaries lack.

Doesn't take magic to be a hero

Refusing to back away from controversial positions and subjects while still making critically-acclaimed artistic statements as an actor, Radcliffe represents the best of what a young performance artist can be.

Speaking with the British Broadcasting Company'sVictoria Derbyshire programme, he described the hypocrisyof California's Hollywood movie culture. He described a willingness to project concern and interests to support diversity which conceal a pervasive culture of what he described as "undeniable racism."

Radcliffe again echoed support for the LGBTQ community. In the interview with the BBC, the actor affirmed his solidarity in standing with this community against what he considers the intolerant views of Hollywood. In the young star's estimation, those who identify publicly as being a part of the LGBTQ community run the risk of being typecast and losing the opportunity to pursue a diversity of on-screen roles.

Radcliffe went on to discuss United States Presidential Candidate Donald Trump. The Republican Candidate for President in his view had clearly stirred up feelings of xenophobia, fear of the other, and many other polarizing and dividing view points. A truly inspiring creative artist to watch, it is deeply inspiring to see this young man grow into a strong voice of reason in these uncertain times.

A good chap indeed

It takes true bravery to stand up in public and affirm support for peoples who have had to advocate staunchly to secure freedoms many of us take for granted. In this time of great entertainment, with so many wonderful ways to divert attention away from the struggles of the current day, it is refreshing to see a star who is willing to speak up for the things he believes in.

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