Tonight on a new episode of "Grey's Anatomy" the fans were shocked to see that Alex Karev is actually behind bars. At the end of last season, everyone feared this would happen, and now the reality is Alex is in jail, and nobody knows for how long. Ellen Pompeo spoke to Us Magazine and shared that her character Meredith doesn't have any plans of letting him stay there for long. She will fight for her best friend no matter what it takes.

What did Ellen Pompeo have to say?

Alex Karevbeat up Andrew DeLuca at the end of season twelve because of something that was really all just a big misunderstanding.

At first, they didn't admit that it was Alex, but then everyone found out the truth. Ellen shared that Meredith is going to do anything she can to get Alex out of jail, even saying, "Alex is her ride-or-die." She explained that it would have to be within the law, of course.

As Ellen pointed out, on tonight's episode Meredith almost threatened DeLuca, but Dr. Bailey knocked her down and kept her from doing it. Dr. Bailey did keep her in check, and that was probably a smart move. She may not be able to keep Meredith Grey quiet forever, though.

What about Meredith and Riggs?

Ellen did reveal that they have already filmed the first five episodes and they don't have any sexy scenes during those scenes.

She wasn't even sure if they are going to be together or not long-term. Fans are going to have to wait and see how that one plays out. They have teased that Meredith and Alex could be more than friends, but nobody knows if they will ever go there or not. Ellen did say that they can't go there yet because of Riggs being in the situation.

The thing is Meredith isn't telling everyone about Riggs considering that Maggie is into him. The Alex and Meredith love story could be the best one to ever happen on "Grey's Anatomy" if they let it go there.

Were you shocked to see that Alex Karev actually went to jail tonight on "Grey's Anatomy"? Do you think that he deserves to be in jail?

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