It is time for the Season 13 premiere of Grey's Anatomy and spoilers tease that this will be a wild one. The last that everybody saw, Alex had pummeled Andrew after finding him in a compromising position with Jo. Where are things headed in the September 22 premiere?

Will DeLuca recover after Alex's attack on 'Grey's Anatomy'?

“Grey's Anatomy” spoilers detail that Season 13 will open up with DeLuca being rushed to the hospital and Meredith quickly corners Alex and questions him about what went down. As TVLine details, Andrew will will have sustained no serious brain damage, but everybody will have to wait and see whether he fully recovers.

Despite that seemingly good news, Alex won't be able to slide all of this under the rug and he may well be facing serious consequences soon.

The available previews so far have kept Jo hidden, making many worry about what comes next for her. According to TV Guide, the Season 13 premiere will have both Miranda and Ben feeling pretty suspicious over Alex's initial story about what happened to Andrew and Meredith will be in a tough spot. Will Jo come forward and share the specifics on what happened? Will DeLuca recover and bust Karev on his lies?

What will Jo do as this situation plays out on 'Grey's Anatomy'?

“Grey's Anatomy” spoilers share that Richard will speak with Jo and be lending her some support and guidance.

She was in a bad place heading into this situation that led to the confrontation between Alex and Andrew, and she will surely be a mess in the wake of the incident. Will she listen to Richard and his advice?

Thursday's show will also show April and the new baby, and “Grey's Anatomy” spoilers detail that Catherine will be throwing herself into the middle of the new family's bliss.

It sounds as if she may be dealing out quite a bit of unsolicited advice and this will cause some friction.

Early teasers for Season 13 note that there is plenty of chaos ahead and fans are anxious to jump back into the action with Thursday night's premiere. Stay tuned for additional "Grey's Anatomy" spoilers as the new season gets going and don't miss the action ahead during the September 22 premiere.

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