TV ratings are becoming odder and more difficult to predict. There are so many cable channels, online platforms and streaming services to catch up with your favourite TV show that watching it live is becoming an old habit. Thursday September 22nd and Friday 23rd were two important days in this first week of the new TV season: ABC and CBS aired their most buzzed TV shows and new TV Series and NBC started a new comedy night. Let's have a look:

ABC didn't shine except for Grey's Anatomy

On Thursday, lots of TV shows returned on broadcast television: ABC welcomed back Grey's Anatomy that debuted with a great result.

The show started its thirteenth season with a 2.4 and 8,5 million viewers. This season premiere focused on Alex and on the consequences of his actions. Grey's Anatomy is one of the strongest shows on Television. It will likely have more season than E.R.. It's this decade's success. Have a look at Grey's Anatomy 13x02 promo:

Otherwise the ABC new drama which is replacing Kerry Washington's Scandal, Notorius started with a poor result: just a 1.1 in the 18/49 and 5.39 millions. How to Get Away with Murder season 3 premiere which ended with an insane killer twist's ending returned in line with last season's episodes with a 1.4 and 5.11 million viewers, but lower than last year premiere.

Have a look at the thrilling How to Get Away with Murder 3x02 promo:

NBC is hopeful thanks to Superstore and The Good Place

After the Olympics' special episode, Superstore started with a 1.5 in the 18/49 and 5.45 million viewers. The show just received a back 9-order and the second season of America Fererra's new show will consist of 22 episodes.

Kristen Bell'sThe Good Place lost a lot, but had a positive 1.4 and 5.25 million viewers. The Blacklist's fourth season didn't disappoint with a 1.3 in its new slot and Chicago Med started its second season with a 1.4. Have a look at The Blacklist 4x02 promo:

FOX's Pitch is a disappointment

Fox can't celebrate: its new show Pitch started with a poor 1.1 in the 18/49 and 4.23 million viewers, Empire-less Rosewood began its second season with just a 0.7.

This week's FOX returning TV series didn't improve from their spring performances: Gotham and Lucifer started with a 1.3, Scream Queens with a 1.0. The network can't catch a break.

The Exorcist, Macgyver and Hawaii Five-o return

On Friday September 23, the TV show based on the '70s cult horror movie The Exorcist began its run with an Ok-ish 1.0 in the 18/49. On CBS, the remake of the cult TV show Macgyver shined and began its run with a solid 1.7 in the 18/49 and 10.89 million viewers. Even if critics didn't love this reboot, apparently people are raving for more contemporary Macgyver's investigations. The show was followed by the new season of another famous remake: Hawaii Five-O that began its seventh season with a positive 1.3 in the 18/49 and 10.09 million viewers.

Last Man Standing (1.1), Blue Bloods (1.3) and Dr Ken (0.9) returned as well. The Exorcist wasn't so bad, but not good either. Have a look at The Exorcist 1x02 promo:

This first week of the Fall season was really interesting. Lots of new shows started with promising results, the returning TV series struggled with lower performances in comparison with last autumn. Broadcast TV is having an hard time: we have so many cable channels and online platforms that the traditional way of watching television is changing faster than anybody would think. Don't miss the follow-up article with Sunday and Monday night results.

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