"Yes I have left Fox News Channel" this is how Greta Van Susteren started her Facebook post announcing her very abrupt departure from Fox News today. Van Susteren's announcement came only minutes after the news posted online that Gretchen Carlsonhad settled her lawsuit with Fox News for $20 million. Van Susteren took to Facebook immediately following that news.

Just gone

She was one of the top personalities at Fox and she's been with them for 14 years. Van Susteren said her reason for leaving is that Fox "has not felt like home to me in a few years." According to ABC News, she's gone starting today and Brit Hume has been slated to take her place in the 7 p.m.

time slot on Fox News Channel.

Not home sweet home anymore

After stating that Fox News didn't have that feeling of "home" anymore, she did not elaborate on just what she meant by her statement. Van Susteren was one of the Fox employees who supported Roger Ailes when Carlson accused him of sexual harassment. At the time news of the allegations hit headlines, Greta came out with a statement saying that she had never seen or heard anything about Ailesdemonstrating this type of behavior.

She also claimed that if this had happened, she would have surely got wind of it.

One could only speculate that Greta would be furious after Fox let her support Ailes on the air and now turning around and not only awarding Carlson money, but also issuing an apology for the way Ailes treated her! This must have blindsided the Fox personality.


Fox News is in the midst of turmoil with their on-air personalities with Megyn Kelly's contract ending soonand at the same time they have Bill O'Reilly toying with the idea of retiring. Then there's Andrea Tantaros, who has not officially been fired orresigned, but she's been off the air on a "suspension" since April.

Tantaros is also suing Fox over a variety of alleged inappropriate behaviors from various employees, including Ailes.

Jumping ship

Sean Hannity has been one of Donald Trump's greatest cheerleaders and by doing so he has churned up epic controversy for himself and the cable news channel. Now withGreta Van Susterengone, it is looking like many folks are jumping ship or being pushed off the gang-plank! The news of Greta's sudden departure is shocking to her fans because this was totally unexpected by her audience.

What's the real story?

Greta came to Fox from CNNhot off the OJ Simpson trial where she made a name for herself as a fair and honest reporter. Her Fox show,On the Record, is watched by millions every night.

Van Susteren did say she was hoping to stay in the broadcasting field and continue on with her career. You can pretty much bet that she'll be grabbed up by one of the bigger news networks in no time.

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