Greta Van Susteren will miss her Fox News viewers, even the ones who have taken their best jabs via social media at her through the years. Although she said she vows to return to TV, the where and when is yet to come! With a reputation like Greta's she can write her own ticket on her next network stop! It looks like the former star of Greta Wire has had the last laughs on Fox who redirected her own website, back to Fox News. She owns that website outright, so she fixed that in a jiffy!


Greta out foxes Fox!

Her own website getting redirected back to Fox News wasn't going to fly with the former on-air personality as she is not letting the network have any benefit from her name. She went back into her settings and redirected her website to a dog rescue association, according to the Western Journal. It's a safe bet to say that Greta is feeling much more empathy with wayward pets these days than she does for her bosses over at Fox.

Get out now

Van Susteren told her fans that her decision to leave so abruptly was because she had a time-sensitive clause in her contract that would allow her to do so, but if she had waited any amount of time that option would no longer be available to her.

While she was ready to leave she didn't necessarily need to jump ship so quickly, leading her fans to believe something like a minor catastrophe happened behind the scenes.  

Fox family feeling wanes                                                                     

Her reason for leaving was that the Fox News of today was so far removed from the Fox News that she joined years ago where there was a feeling of family among colleagues. Today that family feeling is swirling the drain.


Some surmise that Greta must have been livid, and rightfully so, after Fox rallied the staff to back Ailes when Gretchen Carlson's lawsuit first hit the news. 

Female employees band together

Greta and a few other on-air female personalities gave statements saying that they've never heard of Ailes treating anyone along the lines of the behaviors he was accused of in the lawsuit. They found it hard to believe that Ailes could be a predator and sexual harassment was never witnessed by Van Susteren or the other ladies who spoke out. 

Ailes settles

She must have felt blindsided once Ailes resigned and then settled out of court for $20 million with Carlson and an undisclosed settlement with the other women who accused the former Fox CEO of sexual harassment.

One person who was feeling a bit embarrassed was Geraldo Rivera who issued an apology via his Facebook page for doubting his fellow colleagues who accused Ailes. 

Rivera attacks Tantaros

While Greta stated just what she knew when backing Ailes, which was she never heard or witnessed any of the behavior the women were describing, Rivera being Rivera had to take it to the limit. He not only backed Ailes, but he did so by saying some awful things about one of the accusers, Andrea Tantaros.


Rivera called her "vindictive" and accused her of attempting to "ruin reputations." He also called some of her claims "crap." He sounded like a bully going after Tantaros, who also accused Ailes of sexual harassment. While Greta didn't say anything that she needed to apologize for, Geraldo sure did. His apology mentioned Carlson and the reporter who broke the Ailes story by name, but he grouped the rest of the women together and offered the apology to them without names mentioned.


Full blown character assasination?

Fans of Tantaros were furious that Rivera said some disturbing things about the former Outnumbered host while accusing her of plotting to ruin reputations. Now that he finds he is wrong, he never mentioned her by name in the apology. Some are applauding Rivera for admitting he was wrong, but most find him looking out for himself rather than this being a heartfelt apology. He really owes the biggest apology of all to Andrea. He swiped at her character and tried to put her in an unfavorable light.

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