If you're a big fan of the British Reality TV show "Gogglebox" you'll have noted one of the stars, Scarlett Moffatt is a lot smaller. Moffatt, aka Scarlett Sigourney Moffatt (to use her full stage name) has shed two stone (about 30 American pounds) in four months. You'll be seeing less of Moffatt on her new show "I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here." What's the starlet Scarlett's secret to her amazing weight loss? Type 2 diabetes scared Miss Moffatt into getting off her tuffet and putting down the pie and candy. But amazingly she didn't give up sugar or junk food to lose weight. It's all to do with the power of love and how it can overcome a couch potato lifestyle and junk food addiction.

Couch potato leaves sofa to get fit

"Gogglebox" is a meta-television show, a reality TV show that films families watching television and discussing what they watch. Needless to say a lot of seat time on the sofa is required. Scarlett Moffatt, a show favorite, says she was very good at her job! But after a doctor warned that her obesity could cause diabetes, this self-proclaimed couch potato pulled the plug. She also cleaned up her eating habits which included an addiction to kebabs and frequent alcohol consumption. Kebabs might not seem unhealthy. In the United States, a kebab would be considered diet fare, compared to the massive amount of junk food Americans consume. But a lot of sodium and fat lurk in commercial varieties of this popular British take-away.

Love found Moffatt and lost weight

When asked the secret to her weight loss, Scarlett Moffatt credits her new boyfriend who has a gym addiction that rivals her junk food craving. He has helped her get into a hardcore workout regimen. Exercise, plus lifestyle disease concerns, plus healthier eating habits have whittled down the "I'm a Celebrity" star.But diabetes or not, Moffatt will not give up sugar.

She still eats Greggs pies (another popular dessert) and candy bars. Only now she'll eat fewer and in smaller portions. Like celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito, Moffatt has learned that weight loss is about exercise, moderation, and common sense.

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