General Hospital spoilers tease that a big week of action is ahead and fans will not want to miss any of the drama. Paul is determined to kill Monica, but his mission has been thwarted previously and hewill run into additional obstacles during the week of September 12. However, it seems that someone is going to get killed and this scenario has fans buzzing.

The serial killer claims another victim at General Hospital

According to Soap Opera Digest, Paul will try to kill Monica once again, but someone ends up in the wrong place at the wrong time and winds up dead as a result.

Some fans have been speculating that Teresa Castillo's Sabrina might be the one about to be killed, while others mentioned the possibility that it could perhaps also end up being Nurse Amy. The latest teasers for the week, however, do have manyviewers suspecting that Sabrina is the likely victim during the next few episodes.

The General Hospital spoilers from Soap Hub claim that the character about to die first hit Port Charles in 2012. If that is an accurate teaser, that would certainly add weight to the theory that Sabrina is about to be killed off. The Soap Hub piece originally said that the character first popped up in 2008, which would have seemingly indicated that Olivia was the one about to die.

However, a 2012 start date for the actor or actress involved does open up a few possibilities.

WhichGeneral Hospital character will die next?

In addition to Sabrina first hitting Port Charles in 2012, it seems that Obrecht, TJ, and Felix would also fall into that 2012 bucket. There are various ways that this could play out, but General Hospital spoilers hint at Michael proposing to Sabrina and Tracy ending up heartbroken by the end of the week, and both of those situations could point toward Sabrina being the next “Angel of Mercy” victim.

Naturally, if Michael is ready to propose, losing his new fiancee so soon would be a soapy twist. In addition, Tracy has warmed up to Sabrina and loves her son, so hearing that she was killed at General Hospital by the elusive serial killer could certainly leave Tracy crushed.

It's not clear as of yet which day this character will die, but General Hospital spoilers tease that it will be a big week of action as Elizabeth battles to survive and Hayden faces a difficult decision. Do you think that Sabrina will be the next “Angel of Mercy” serial killer victim or will it be someone else?