General Hospital viewers were shocked to learn that the D.A., Paul Hornsby was the serial killer. He was the one that was murdering various patients with a syringe full of Derisifol. The GH fans thought the killer was going to be Andre or even a day player, they never expected it to be the shady, Paul Hornsby.

Paul's mental status to be questioned

Richard Burgi, the actor who portrays Paul, explained that he had no idea they were going to pin the murders on his alter ego. Burgi laughed and said he shows up, does his scenes, and never questions what could be ahead in the storylines.

Imagine his surprise when he learned that his character would be exposed as the serial killer, and it would come out that he has an undiagnosedmental illness that triggered his urge to kill.

It looks like Paul's behavior has been erratic, and it's possible the General Hospital writers may use that to say he isn't stable. He seems to behave a certain way with one person, and another way with someone else. Richard believes this was the plan to set the ground work that Paul isn't in "his right mind."

Ava is on to him, but will she expose him?

Ava is hot on Paul's tracks, but rather than expose his killing ways, she wants to use it as leverage against him.

She wants him to help her brother, Julian beat the murder charges that are stacked against him in exchange for her silence about the murders.

Burgi reveals it's "sorta a lucky break" but, dealing with Ava will not be a pleasant experience either. As the storyunfolds, the General Hospital fans will learn what led to Paul's psychoticepisode, and find out if Paul can help Julian get out of trouble with the law.

Is Paul done with his killing spree?

Paul doesn't seem like he's ready to stop his killing spree just yet. It's apparent he gets something out of it and doesn't want to stop. At the moment, it looks like Monica Quartermaine might be his next target, but he could find himself arrested before he can get to her. He accidentally drops a syringe in the men's locker room in the hospital , and it gives the cops the biggest clue to the killer's identity.

Will the Port Charles police catch up to Paul before he kills Monica?

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