General Hospital spoilers tease that there is a wedding on the way and fans cannot wait to see this one play out. It has taken quite some time for Jason and Sam to reunite and prepare to tie the knot again, but the day is coming and viewers have a lot to look forward to with this one. Will “JaSam” get married without any obstacles as fans are hoping?

General Hospital is teasing Sam and Jason's big day

The network is sharing a sweet preview teasing Sam and Jason's wedding day and General Hospital spoilers indicate that everybody will gather, seemingly with Spinelli officiating, to celebrate the big day soon.

Will these two actually manage to successfully wed without any catastrophe mucking things up? The buzz is that this is one soap wedding that actually goes smoothly and “JaSam” fans will get a happy day with no shootings, deaths, or dismal moments.

The show is starting to lay the groundwork for Sam and Jason's wedding now, but so far a specific wedding date has not emerged quite yet. Celeb Dirty Laundry notes that it looks like the big day may be taking place during fall sweeps, but fans have a hunch that the event takes place a bit sooner than that.

There has been a lot of chaos playing out in Port Charles this week and there are still some outstanding dramatic issues to handle heading into this fun event.

The nuptials will take place at Sonny and Carly's home and filming of Jason and Sam's wedding was seemingly done in mid-August or so. Given that the show tapes about six weeks prior to the air dates, it sounds as if perhaps a late September episode is where this will play out, but previews do make it seem like it will air much sooner than that.

Jason and Sam's loved ones gather for thisGeneral Hospital wedding

Spinelli returns to Port Charles for the event and he begins airing on Friday's September2 show. Spinelli will be back just for a short time once again, reportedly having shot a handful of episodes. Viewers will love having him in the mix of things for the JaSam wedding and seeing him officiating in the General Hospital spoiler preview surely feels like the perfect decision for the couple.

When will this big event air onGeneral Hospital? Spoilers should emerge soon with specifics, but fans are just happy to see the previews emerging with fun teases regarding the big day. Everybody hopes that Jason and Sam do get married without any drama or chaos and that JaSam can embrace some happy days ahead as they prepare for their next baby.

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