General Hospital spoilers indicate that Wednesday's show will be a wild one that fans will not want to miss. Elizabeth is having a health crisis, Morgan is in trouble, and Ava is scheming to get everything she wants. What can everybody expect from the September 7 show?

Teasers share that chaos erupts at General Hospital

As everybody saw on Tuesday, Franco was about to tell Elizabeth the truth about how Hayden is her sister when Liz crashed. General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps detail that Griffin will call a code blue and the medical team will scramble to save her.

From the sounds of things, this health crisis after the fall she took will lead to a situation where Liz needs blood from a relative to save her and this means that Franco will have to turn to Hayden for help. However, Hayden makes it clear that she wants something in return.

Ava has been messing with Morgan's medications, angling to get him away from Kiki, and General Hospital spoilers tease that things may spiral out of control on this front during the next show. Morgan will tell Kiki that he has screwed up in some way, and it sounds as if soon he will display some alarming behavior that even sparks some regret or concern with Ava.

Sonny will be questioning some of Ava's behavior and teasers note that Carly will be feeling on top of the world after Sam and Jason's perfect wedding. However, Jason ends up getting a phone call that upsets him, as he will be telling someone not to call him again. Viewers were thrilled to see Jason and Sam's wedding go smoothly, but is there trouble ahead for them?

General Hospital teasers hint at progress for Dillon

Dillon has been fairly mopey since Kiki reunited with Morgan, but General Hospital spoilers note that Tracy will be working to cheer him up and get him to move on. She wants him to figure out what he wants and go get it, and We Love Soaps hints that he will start to do just that. Will his focus remain on Kiki or will someone or something else capture his attention?

Will Hayden save Elizabeth? How far will Ava go to get what she wants and will Sabrina soon die over her suspicions regarding Paul and the serial killer? Things are heating up this week on many fronts and General Hospital spoilers tease that viewers will not want to miss the twists and turns that are on the way.

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