“General Hospital” fans are quite worked up over the news that Bryan Craig, who plays Morgan Corinthos, has decided to leave the show. This news comes within days of two other notable departures, and this has tongues wagging. Initial reports of Craig's decision to leave the show were initially unconfirmed, but the actor himself has now taken to social media to detail his decision.

Actor confirms his 'General Hospital' exit

The news of Bryan Craig's exit first came via Daytime Confidential, which noted that they were hearing via various sources that the actor had chosen to leave “General Hospital.” As viewers know, he has had a big storyline playing out with Morgan's bipolar challenges and a renewed romance with Kiki.

It has been clear that the character was heading toward a bad place after Ava messed with his medications, and now everybody has to wonder just how bad things will get for the core Corinthos character.

It did not take long once the news started swirling for Craig himself to confirm the decision. Bryan posted via his Instagram page that while it has been “an amazing journey,” he felt “like the time is right for me to say goodbye to 'General Hospital' and Morgan Corinthos.” The actor adds that it was not an easy decision to make, and he is grateful to all involved for their support.

This exit comes on the heels of other big 'General Hospital' departures

Craig's decision to leave comes just after other news emerged detailing that Tyler Christopher will not be returning to “General Hospital” as Nikolas Cassadine.

Christopher had shared with fans not long ago that he hoped to be back filming this fall, and now it seems he will not be reprising the role at all. In addition, the soap decided to kill off Teresa Castillo's character of Sabrina Santiago, just months after the actress returned from maternity leave.

What will happen to Morgan on “General Hospital”?

Spoilers have not detailed any specifics yet, but fans are definitely worried. Of course, he could just end up off the canvas for a while, perhaps heading to a facility again to deal with his bipolar disorder. The character could be recast or just out of the picture for a while, but some worry that the show may go with something more drastic instead.

Are you disappointed to hear that Bryan Craig is leaving “General Hospital'? What should the show do with the character of Morgan Corinthos?

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