General Hospitalis famous for rewriting history in order to bring in new characters or link established ones. Right now, there is a casting call out for a man who sounds a lot like Jeff Webber. If this is actually who they are looking to bring into the mix, it could finally give Rebecca Herbst (Liz) a significant storyline.

It was recently revealed that Liz and Rachel (Rebecca Budig) were half-sisters. They share the same father but have different mothers. When Heather (Robin Mattson) was married to Jeff, he had an affair with Rachel's mother. Franco (Roger Howarth) was about to tell Liz what he knows when she went into distress.

Now the truth will have to wait.

Who will play Jeff Webber?

According to ABC Soaps In Depth, General Hospitalhas several options for who could play Jeff Webber. He hasn't been seen in Port Charles since 1980, so there is a lot of room for a recast that won't upset fans. In fact, many of the fans aren't even sure they remember who he was. While some of the actors the article mentions are familiar to ABC fans, it is unclear who the casting directors will actually choose. Suggestions have been Robert S. Woods (formerly Bo from One Life to Live and Jerry verDorn formerly Clint Buchanan from One Life to Live. It would be interesting if either of these men made the cut because several of their co-stars have made their way to Port Charles.

When Rebecca Budig signed a contract to remain on the show there was some curiosity as to how she would be woven into the canvas. Rachel was marrying Nikolas (Tyler Christopher) but that wasn't going to last. Rumors that she was Liz's sister began circulating and it was finally confirmed that was indeed the case.

How will they introduce Jeff Webber?

Jeff Webber may be on his way back to town to deal with his daughter's dire condition and be blindsided when he finds out Rachel and her mother are in town. Heather has been paid nicely to keep the secret of Rachel's father's identity a secret but now it is going to be public knowledge.

Once the ladies know the truth, there is hope that they will bond together and be a force to be reckoned with among the people of Port Charles.

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