“General Hospital” fans have been quite outspoken about the show's decision to kill off Teresa Castillo's character of Sabrina Santiago. This week she became the latest victim of Paul's serial murder rampage. This death will set the stage for a lot of heartbreak, but many viewers are quite unhappy about the decision. What is the show revealing about this move?

What drove Castillo's 'General Hospital' exit?

As signs began to point toward Sabrina's death, some fans thought that perhaps the actress herself had requested to leave the show.

However, Castillo revealed that she was told about the decision a few months ago, so it wasn't her call. Now Soap Opera Digest shares some tidbits from co-head writer Jean Passanante about the storyline.

Passanante says that while it was a difficult decision to kill Sabrina, they felt that they needed to have Paul kill someone meaningful on the canvas and someone who wasn't a traditional target. “General Hospital” fans have been quite critical of the decision to make Paul the “Angel of Mercy” killer, feeling as if there is no rhyme or reason to having him be the murderer.

Some might say that bringing Sabrina back, then bringing Jeffrey Vincent Parise back as Carlos' twin brother Joe, seem like perplexing decisions to then just kill Castillo's character off like this.

What does this mean for Jeffrey Vincent Parise on 'General Hospital'?

What about Joe? “General Hospital” had seemed poised to trot out a love triangle involving Michael, Sabrina, and Joe, seemingly thrilled to have found a way to bring Parise back.

Now co-head writer Shelly Altman says that there will soon be a resolution regardingthe Joe situation, which probably means that he'll just end up leaving town after all of the hoopla of bringing the actor back.

Some “General Hospital” fans are rallying to try to have Castillo brought back somehow, with a petition making the rounds online. Sabrina's death comes on the heels of two other key cast members choosing to leave, as both Tyler Christopher and Bryan Craig have revealed that they are departing their roles as Nikolas Cassadine and Morgan Corinthos.

These sudden exits have many viewers worried about the state of the show.

Do you think that it made sense to kill off Teresa Castillo's Sabrina Santiago for the sake of furthering the storyline that Paul Hornsby is the “Angel of Mercy” killer? Where do you think that “General Hospital” should head next with this plot?

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