Be careful, spoilers ofGame of Thrones season 7 will follow! According to Watchers on the Wall, Daenerys Targaryen will reach the Dragonpit in the next season of the show. But what is the Dragonpit and where is it located?

The Dragonpit

The Dragonpit is a big, cavernous building atop Rhaenys' hill in King's Landing. It's a Targaryen building so large that 30 knights could ride abreast into its entrance. A long time ago the Targaryens used it to raise their dragons in the building, but now the Dragonpit is a ruin blackened by fire. This building which once housed the dragons of House Targaryen was destroyed during the Dance of the Dragons (the Targaryen civil war in Westeros).

Daenerys at King's Landing

This juicy hint reported from Watchers on the Wall seems to confirm what many have already speculated: Daenerys will soon reach King's Landing to claim the Iron Throne. We don't know if she will appear in the Dragonpit in the first episodes of season 7, but we do know that she's totally going make bold moves in the seven episodes of the next season.

Rhaenys' hill is one of the three hills that dominate King's Landing, therefore the scene in which Daenerys appears in the Dragonpit could be placed after her conquest of the capital or right before a crucial attack.

What is going to happen?

It's totally possible that Daenerys will decide to go ashore somewhere else to prepare herself before storming the capital.

Nonetheless, this rumor apparently indicates that she's not going to wait long. Unless her presence in the Dragonpit is connected to a vision...

That wouldn't be the first time GOT fans watch Daenerys walking through some ruins in King's Landing (remember the visions she had at the House of the Undying?).

We cannot exclude right now that the scene in which she visits the Dragonpit will be included in a vision (that would also corroborate the theory of a new appearance of Jason Momoa/Khal Drogo). However, considering how explosive Game of Thrones season 7 episodes are going to be, we are prone to think that the scene will actually take place after her conquest of King's Landing or right before it.

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